Building integrated solar technologies

Dear player in solar technologies,

We invite you to a roundtable session “room with a view” on the topic
“Building integrated solar technologies” (BIST):

Tuesday, 7th of February 2012, 14.30-18.15

Centipedes building on AVANTIS Business
Center, Snellius 1, Heerlen

What is the idea behind the upcoming “room with a view”?

Within the project “TOP TECHNOLOGY CLUSTERS” (TTC) nineteen partners have joint forces in order to strengthen cross-border cooperation in the greater Euregio
Meuse-Rhine area, especially between SMEs (MKW, PME, KMU). For more information

The aim of the upcoming round-table session is to make players within the solar
industry start thinking outside the box and create cooperation consortia on the
topics “PV-production”, “PV for the built environment” (PV components,
PV-recycling, BIST services (e.g. market analysis, marketing), “Hybrid systems”
(PV and solar thermal technologies) and “Solar energy storage”. These consortia
are then invited to write project proposals for cross-border cooperation
with which to apply for funding in May 2012 (preparatory stage: innovation
vouchers of € 5.000 100% granted; development stage: € 100.000 – 250.000 per
consortia) via a fast and easy procedure!


14:30 Reception
14:45 Introduction / Opening remarks      
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Drs. ir. Christoph Maria Ravesloot, Universiteit
14:50 Funding for innovative cross-border cooperation (vouchers and innovation funds)
        Nora Robertz, TTC Project Manager, Stadt Aachen
15:05 Short walk to energy efficient model building / “De Wijk van Morgen”
15:35 Aachen international: How a top Company from Aachen keeps the Leadership for Solar Cooling, Steam and Electricity Generation
        Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu, SOLITEM GmbH, Winner Global Energy Award 2011,

16:00 “Room with a view” sessions 
18:00 Conclusions

For registration please click here: Deadline for registration is January, the 27th 2012.

Kind regards
NV Industriebank LIOF


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